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Kicking off the New Street Art Program

TheMADDDArtist kicked off the new expanded street art program on Wednesday, painting near Wall Street. Street Art: Visitors to downtown Spartanburg will be seeing more than just musicians performing on the street corners. The Chapman Cultural Center recently announced it would be expanding its street music programming to include visual and performing artists as well.…

Spartanburg’s ‘MADDD’ artist turns chaos into beauty

Painting Show Roderice Cardell uses his hands to swirl a rainbow of colors on a large canvas in his studio. Music plays in the background and it seems the beats guide his hands to create his latest masterpiece. For Cardell, painting becomes a show. He gives a performance while telling a story through his abstract…

Art Display at West Main Artists Co-op

TheMadddArtist — Roderice Cardell — will exhibit his pain at West Main Artists Co-op July 19-Aug. 11, and he wants everyone to feel it. “The Sound of Color” will be his first public exhibit, consisting of about 20 works described as “abstract street art.” The work will be open for free public viewing 10 a.m.-4…

THEMADDDARTIST: Seeing the Color of Emotion

Spartanburg Artists Known as “Hub City”, Spartanburg South Carolina continues to expand its palette to a wide variety of talent. Local artists abound, mostly due to the creation of the Hub City Cooperative, where artists support and share a building, business responsibilities and a storefront with each other. I recently had the privilege of photographing The Children’s’…

Public Art: Electrifying Downtown Spartanburg

Public Art at the Spartanburg Library Public Art: The Electric Art Project is an ongoing initiative lead by HUB-BUB to convert traffic signal utility boxes into works of public art. Currently, 9 boxes have been completed, 8 in partnership with College Town and 1 in partnership with the Spartanburg County Public Library System. The Library…